A Unique Initiative By Technology Company to Tackle the Issues of the Pandemic

A technology company knowns as Maxonrow has taken an initiative where it has organized an event known as the MAXathon, inviting well-renowned blockchain developers and cryptocurrency enthusiasts to compete with each other for the price of 15,000 Euros. The MAXathon is set to take place between the 5th of September, 2020 to 3rd of October, 2020.

The main reason behind Maxonrow setting up the MAXathon is because they want to find a solution for the current pandemic situation and want the brains of the blockchain developers and enthusiasts to work together in finding solutions to the major challenges that the world governments are currently facing due to the ongoing pandemic situation. Maxonrow has listed 5 challenges that the world governments are currently facing due to the Covid-19 situation.

Each of the parties has a one month time that they can use to find the solutions to each challenge and present them to the MedsLOCK, which is a control and communication system created by Maxonrow to gather and provide insights and useful data to tackle the Covid-19 situation.

The first challenge in the list is for each competing party is to find solutions in competing for the spread of the coronavirus and collect data as to how much the government’s prescribed SOP(s) are being followed by the public and the industries to keep it under control.

The second challenge is to provide a system to the governments to streamline the data against coronavirus. Using this data the governments can establish whether a previously affected person with corona is now virus-free or not.

The third challenge is to improve communications between businesses and governments so they can work together to find a solution to decrease the transaction costs for the welfare programs, thus, facilitating a common person.

The fourth challenge requires blockchain developers to find ways and solutions to help the people who have been monetarily affected by the pandemic and provide them opportunities to make money to survive through these hard times.

The fifth challenge requires the blockchain developers to improve the user experiences and interfaces so they can utilize the data collected from the coronavirus cases and use them to find solutions more effectively.

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