News In Brief: What Happened In China in the Past One Week

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China’s E-commerce Giant Alibaba: Blockchain and Internet will Reconstruct World’s Financial System in the Next Two Decades

Buy Cbd Gum Online On August 18, Jack Ma, founder of Alibaba, mentioned three major technologies that it focuses on. The first one is blockchain used for finance, for blockchain and Internet will reconstruct the world’s financial system in the next two decades; the other two are artificial intelligence and IOT(Internet of Things). Mr. Jack also said that blockchain will be used for fighting activities in relation to fake commodities and this technology as one of key technologies not only can change the financial system in the next two or three decades, but also can be applied for other industries. Binance Plans to Establish Three Legal Currency Trading Platforms at Least

Cbd Flower For Sale Of date, He Yi, co-founder of Binance, one of the biggest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world, said that Binance is scheduled to establish three legal currency trading platforms this year and it will consider capital preservation of legal currency itself and stability of political situation and financial policies of relevant states and regions. Prior to that, she said that transaction mining is a formalistic hype, which is unable to solve problems or fails to increase efficiency and the profits for transaction mining only results in excessive inflations. CGB of China Explores Blockchain-based Business to Power Traditional Banking Business

On August 19th, China Guangfa Bank(CGB) teamed up with other banks to forge an innovation platform based on blockchain and quicken the speed of processing information and transparency to greatly improve customers’ experience by this platform featured with data sharing, distributed ledger and real-time query. Besides, CGB will focus on exploring the cooperation for accelerating the blockchain business to power the business of traditional banks via cutting edge technologies such as blockchain and AI. China’s CASS: Blockchain Brings New Challenges to Regulation While Promoting the Development of Finance

Buy Cbd Oil France On August 19th, XU Xiujun, Associate Professor of Institute of World Economics and Politics CASS (Chinese Academy of Social Science), the comprehensive research center of PRC in the fields of philosophy and social sciences, said that regulators are in a new dilemma, while current cutting-edge technologies such as blockchain, AI and cloud computing promote further integration of finance and technology regulators. Specifically, regulators are incapable of controlling changes brought by advanced technologies to finance and they are difficult to evaluate risks caused by new financing patterns and take relevant supervision measures. Liked what you read? Join us on Telegram The post News In Brief: What Happened In China in the Past One Week appeared first on Crypto-News India.

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